Nothing is impossible

Our company Xylo Engineering CZ s. r. o. has been engaged in the design activities since 2006. Our office is located on the premises of the Kronospan Jihlava plant and currently has 26 employees.

We focus mainly on construction and technological projects of newly built plants of the Kronospan Group, but we also support repairs and modernizations in existing plants in Europe and in the world.

Xylo Engineering CZ s.r.o. specializes in providing engineering for the production technology of the wood-based panels – particle boards, OSB and MDF.

We use the most modern HW and SW which is together with the program of continuous improving of the know-how of our employees promise of the further improvement and refinement of our work/projects.

Thanks to that, we can

  • Satisfy the needs of our customers on time
  • Implement the latest trends and innovations to the projects, as well as use benchmarking within our Group
  • Provide engineering for supporting technologies of the Kronospan Group (i. e. technologies for production of paper, glue, waste water treatment plant)


Civil engineering

  • Concepts and construction designs of new plants
  • Designs and making of construction projects of the buildings
  • Designs and making of the construction project of the engineering networks
  • Author´s supervision on the construction sites

Technological engineering

  • Concepts and designs of technological equipment of new plants
  • Making of the projects of technological units/equipment fot the production of the wood-based panels
  • Technical supervision at technology assembly

Project management

  • Tenders/competitive tendering for deliveries of the equipment and services
  • Realization of the constructions and delivery of equipment and their assembly
  • Organization of the customs procedures


  • Projection
  • Construction
  • Automation


Czech Republic

Kronospan Jihlava, ČR

Russian Federation

Ufa – OSB, PB, MDF, KT, Glue factory
Kaluga – MDF, PB, Paper mill, Glue factory
Egorievsk – OSB, KT
Elektrogorsk – KT, MDF


Smorgon – PB, KT, MDF, Impregnation line, Floorings
Mogilev – OSB, Glue factory


Novovolynsk – PB, OSB
Obariv – PB, OSB


Strzelce Opolskie – OSB, Recycling line
Mielec – KT, Recyklát, UTWS


Riga – PB, KT, OSB, Recyklát, UTWS


Brasov – OSB, UTWS
Sebes – PB, UTWS


Kastamonu – OSB, MDF, Podlahy


Sanem – OSB


Lapovo – PB, KT, Recyklát


Szombathely - UTWS